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Second medical opinion

Second opinion before the operation in Germany: This is how it works!

Katja Kutsch (name changed) was surprised when the oncologist told her that his therapy suggestion for her lung cancer costs 350 euros. Excuse me? She thought that she had the right to obtain a second opinion.

Euthanasia Laws in Germany

Active euthanasia is prohibited in Germany, passive euthanasia is allowed. Who can you contact when you have the wish to die?

Your Rights as a Patient in Hospital

Can I choose the hospital myself? Which additional costs are there for surgery? The legal situation for patients is presented here.

Checklist: Hospital Stay

What do I have to remember before a hospital stay in Germany? All the important aspects are listed in this checklist.

Coronavirus: Telediagnosis via Video Consultation

There are different companies in Germany that provide online consultation and online prescriptions. We tested five different providers.

The German Healthcare System

Depending on the disease, in Germany you either visit a general practitioner in his practice, a specialist, a hospital or a rehabilitation facility.

Coronavirus: Germany Better Prepared than Italy

Will the Corona crisis hit the German healthcare system just as hard as the Italian one? Different indicators speak against it.

Coronavirus in Germany – 10 Useful Answers

There are many questions about the spread of the coronavirus. In this article, we answer ten burning questions about your jobm family and vacation.

A Day in the Life of an Emergency Doctor in Germany

Every year, one million visitors come to Cologne to celebrate Carnival there. But are there also a lot of emergencies? This is how Dr. Tommaso Coin experienced the day.

Treatment costs in the U.S.A. and in Germany

The German doctor Dr. Peter Niemann was pretty astonished when he found out how much a minor medical intervention costs in the USA. A pleural puncture can cost up to 2,000 dollars there.