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Encourager for breast cancer

Evelyn Kühne: “Breast cancer made me strong”

When Evelyn Kühne sits in the car after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she thinks: "If I just turn right now and drive into this pillar, everything will be over." Later, she finds her vocation thanks to the disease.
Artificial Hip, Report

Heidi’s Golf Game with Two Artificial Hips

Can you still play golf or go skiing with two artificial hips? "Of course", says Heidi Rauch. She speaks from experience.

»Mother is diagnosed with lung cancer – how are we going to manage this?«

ZDF editor Claudio Armbruster describes how he experienced his mother’s lung cancer.

Testicular cancer: Taking care of myself

Kolja is 28, freshly separated and tinkering with a new beginning, new apartment and new job… but there is a hardening in his left testicle. And now he has to make existential decisions for himself and his life.

Struck by lightning: „I didn’t want to live anymore!“

Sieglinde was struck by lightning. But it wasn’t the thousands of amperes or the sudden heat of several thousand degrees Celsius that almost killed her, but the suicide attempt six years later. A report of a suffering.

Prostate surgery in Bonn: The research of philosophy professor Martin Ajei

Many patients with prostate cancer in Germany undergo surgery with the Da Vinci robot every year. Martin Ajei has come from Ghana to do this.