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Two surgeons work with the Da Vinci Robot

Medical Robot ‘Da Vinci’ in Practice

About 100 German clinics already work with the surgical robot da Vinci. The use of the robot offers many advantages for the patient. However, it is very expensive.

How to beat Prostate Cancer

How is prostate cancer treated in Germany? Here, the most important information about the diagnosis, the therapy and the costs are presented.

Fatigue Syndrome – When Exhaustion Becomes Pathological

Fatigue occurs in 80 percent of all cancer patients. Here is how the disease is diagnosed and treated.
Knee prosthesis

Knee Prosthesis: Opportunities and Risks of Surgery

Which surgical methods are there for a knee prosthesis? Which types of prostheses are recommended and how high are the chances of healing? Here you will find information about the implantation of a knee prosthesis.

Will my Lung Cancer be Tested?

[Advertisement]: When you are diagnosed with lung cancer, your first question is: what is the next step? As is often the case in medicine, there is no universal answer. However, in the case of an advanced stage of illness, the best therapy can be found using a tumor biological test. [Advertisement]
Hip prosthesis

Hip Prosthesis: Opportunities and Risks of Surgery

Most patients can work without pain after the implantation of a hip prosthesis. Here you can read about the opportunities and risks of such an operation in Germany.
Fetal surgery

Fetal Surgery: When the Baby In Your Belly Is Sick

Four and a half years ago, pregnant Katrin Ruby got the terrible news: the baby growing in her belly is suffering from spina bifida. She visits the neurosurgeon Dr. Heidrun Bächli in Heidelberg, who operates on the fetus using a method that is new in Europe. How are child and mother doing today?

Bypass surgery – yes or no?

When an artery of the heart is blocked, a bridging is necessary in order to provide the heart with sufficient oxygen. This bridging is called a bypass. In this article, you can read about the duration of a bypass operation, its costs and risks.

Mostly Defeated: Breast Cancer

This article presents the treatment costs of breast cancer in Germany and essential therapies.

After Breast Cancer: Reconstruction of the Breast or Bra Inserts?

[Advertisement]: For many women, breast-conserving therapy is possible today. However, the breasts look uneven afterwards. You can choose between the surgical reconstruction of the breast and a special bra with inserts. [Advertisement]