Clinic for an Eyelid Lift
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Which German clinics and practices offer a professional eyelid lift? Some excellent doctors are listed here.

An eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery which aims at tightening areas of the skin around the eye that have become limp such as a receding eyelid or so-called lachrymal sacks. Possible causes for these skin alterations are external influences such as the sun, smoking, stress or an unbalanced diet. A lift can repair these alterations and also restore the patient’s wellbeing and self-confidence.

The doctors at the clinics and practices mentioned below have extensive experience with eyelid lifts. They offer different treatments in the area of eyelid surgery and have many years of experience.

Top Clinics and Practices for an Eyelid Lift

Top DoctorCityClinic/Practice 
Prof. Dr. Niels PauschLeipzigUniversity Hospital Leipzig
Dr. Roland MettSchwerinHelios Clinics Schwerin
Dr. Marian Stefan MackowskiHamburgMedical One Clinic
Dr. Welf PragerHamburgPractice
Prof. Dr. Detlev HebebrandRotenburgAgaplesion Diakonieklinikum
Prof. Dr. Ernst Magnus NoahKasselPractice
Prof. Dr. Stephan SchulzeMarburgUniversity Hospital Gießen and Marburg, Marburg location
Prof. Dr. Thomas LaubeDüsseldorfPractice
Dr. Volker AltDüsseldorfPractice
Prof. Dr. Anja EcksteinEssenUniversity Medicine Essen
PD Dr. Kai WermkerOsnabrückOsnabrück Clinic
Dr. Dirk Frank RichterWesselingDreifaltigkeits Hospital
Prof. Dr. Alina FratilaBonnPractice
Dr. Claudius UlmannBad NeuenahrPractice
Dr. Uwe Peter PressTrierBarmherzige Brüder Hospital
PD Dr. Klaus ExnerFrankfurt am MainPractice
Prof. Dr. Dennis von HeimburgFrankfurt am MainPractice
PD Dr. Oliver SeitzHanauPractice
Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz EmmerichDarmstadtDarmstadt Clinic
Dr. Nuri AlamutiWiesbadenPractice
Dr. Claudia Choi-JacobshagenKarlsruheViDia Christian Clinics
PD Dr. Niklas IblherFreiburgPractice
Prof. Dr. Christoph HintschichMunichMunich University Hospital
Dr. Hans Wolfgang HörlMunichPractice
Dr. Christian SchrankHerrschingPrivate Clinic Dr. Schindlbeck
Dr. Torsten KantelhardtRottach-EgernPractice
Dr. Even von SaldernAugsburgPractice
Prof. Dr. Jochen WurmErlangenUniversity Hospital Erlangen
Dr. Jens KauczokWürzburgPractice

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  • Large Range of Treatments! All doctors in the list specialized in the treatment are of eyelid surgery and do not only offer an eyelid lift but also other related operations such as canthopexy, eyebrow lifting or the removal of lachrymal sacks.
  • Certifications! When a doctor completed the six-year medical specialist training in the field of “Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery”, “Ophtalmology” or “General Surgery”, they already performed a lot of cosmetic surgeries and acquired extensive knowledge for consultations. All the doctors in the list above successfully completed the corresponding specialist training.
  • High Level of Patient Satisfaction! All the doctors listed above have been rated with the grade 2 or better on the rating platform Jameda.