clinic for Elbow Surgery
BG Klinikum Bergmannstrost Halle, ©Dguendel/CC0

Which are the best clinics for elbow surgery in Germany? 8 excellent hospitals are listed here.

The elbow is a complex joint. An injury or fracture of the elbow can restrict the functionality of the arm extremely and can make daily movements and tasks very difficult. Therefore, it is important to treat these injuries at an early stage.

For a successful treatment, you need a suitable clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and experts in this area of expertise. In all of the hospitals listed below, there are doctors that have been honored for their expertise in the area of elbow surgery. Thus, high-quality treatment is guaranteed.

8 Excellent Clinics for Elbow Surgery in Germany

HospitalCityInternational Office
Orthopedic Clinic MarkgröningenMarkgröningenNo
University Hospital Hamburg-EppendorfHamburgYes
BG Clinic LudwigshafenLudwigshafenNo
St. Vinzenz-HospitalCologneNo
BG Clinic Bergmannstrost HalleHalle (Saale)No
Atos Clinic HeidelbergHeidelbergYes
Ethianum HeidelbergHeidelbergYes
Atos Clinic MunichMunichYes

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This is how the clinic list was created (statutory health insurance patients and private patients):

  • Many patients! At the clinics presented above, doctors have great experience with elbow surgery because only hospitals that treat the most frequent elbow intervention – dislocation of the elbow (S53) on an above-average basis have been taken into consideration. Hospitals are obliged to inform about their medical treatment in quality reports and to provide this information to the Federal Joint Committee.
  • High Level of Patient Satisfaction! The level of patient satisfaction of the clinics in the list is at least at 80 percent. This is the result of a survey by the German health insurance companies AOK and BARMER in cooperation with the “Weisse Liste”. Every year, almost half a million of insured people are being questioned about their hospital stay. This is the biggest patient survey in Europe.
  • Good Hygiene! Many patients suffer from an infection during their hospital stay, which is why good hospital hygiene is important. All the clinics attach above-average value to patient safety. At least 45 out of 55 measures have been taken in order to guarantee optimal hygiene before, during and after surgery.

This is how the clinic list was created (only private patients):

Clinics that don’t treat statutory health insurance patients don’t have to present their treatment data in a quality report. Therefore, other criteria have been taken into consideration when creating the list of clinics that treat private patients only. Because patients from abroad are not insured in Germany, they can also be treated at private clinics.

  • Extensive Experience! At least one doctor in the specialist clinic is specialized in rheumatism, has worked in this field for 15 years and publishes scientific articles on this subject regularly.
  • International Reputation! Doctors at the clinics mentioned above are well-known internationally, because they give specialist lectures there or because they are recommended by local colleagues. Therefore, all of the clinics in the list have an International Office for patients from abroad.
  • High Level of Patient Satisfaction! 5 out of 6 patients are satisfied with their treatment in the hospital. All of the private clinics presented above achieved 5 out of 6 stars on the independent rating platform

This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.