Klinik für Hüftchirurgie in Deutschland
Building of the University Hospital in Düsseldorf, ©CC0/Wiegels

When there is no cartilage left between the femoral head and the acetabulum, bone rubs against bone. This leads to severe pain and the replacement of the hip by a prosthetic implant is necessary. But sometimes, the choice of prostheses in your home country is not big enough. In that case, it may make sense to visit a clinic abroad.

The expertise in the field of hip surgery is very big in Germany, as society ages and the doctors have a lot of experience in this area. In 2017, around 245,000 patients got a hip prosthesis implantation. This means that in many hospitals, there are experienced surgeons who carry out more than 100 interventions per year.

German orthopedists also have experience in other treatments of the hip, such as hip arthroscopy, hip surgery revisions or corrective operations.

Which clinics are suitable for patients from abroad who suffer from hip complaints?

In order to provide orientation, a list of clinics has been created according to the following criteria:

  • Top doctors! Every year, the German weekly magazine Focus publishes a list of the best orthopedists in Germany. In all of the hospitals listed below, there are physicians that have been distinguished as excellent doctor in the field of hip surgery
  • International experience! Patients from abroad expect an international orientation of the hospital. This applies not only to scientific networking but also to patient management. All of the clinics listed here provide an International Office for patients from abroad.
  • Private vs. Public! German patients with private health insurance and patients from abroad can choose their clinic freely. They can also receive their treatment at a private clinic, which is why apart from public hospitals, private clinics are presented as well.

The clinics listed below are arranged in alphabetical order.

Top Clinics for Hip Surgery in Germany

Arcus Clinics PforzheimDr. Wolfgang MiehlkePrivate
Asklepios Clinic Bad AbbachProf. Dr. Joachim GrifkaPrivate
Atos Clinic HeidelbergProf. Dr. Fritz ThoreyPrivate
Charité BerlinProf. Dr. Carsten PerkaPublic
Diakovere Annastift Hannover Prof. Dr. Henning WindhagenPublic
Helios Clinic Berlin-BuchProf. Dr. Daniel KendoffPrivate
Helios Clinic ErfurtDr. Jürgen BabischPrivate
Helios-Endo-Clinic HamburgProf. Dr. Thorsten GehrkePrivate
Karl-Olga-Hospital StuttgartProf. Dr. Dominik ParschPrivate
Clinics of the City of Cologne - Merheim HospitalProf. Dr. Holger BäthisPublic
Clinic of the LMU MünchenProf. Dr. Volkmar JanssonPublic
Nürnberg Clinic SouthProf. Dr. Michael WagnerPublic
Orthopedic University Hospital Friedrichsheim Frankfurt a.M.Prof. Dr. Andrea MeurerPublic
Sana Clinics Sommerfeld KremmenProf. Dr. Andreas M. HalderPrivate
Schön Clinic Harthausen Bad AiblingProf. Dr. Roland WetzelPrivate
University Hospital BonnProf. Dr. Dieter Christian WirtzPublic
University Hospital DüsseldorfProf. Dr. Rüdiger KrauspePublic
University Hospital DresdenProf. Dr. Klaus-Peter GüntherPublic
University Hospital MannheimProf. Dr. Hanns-Peter ScharfPublic
University Hospital RWTH AachenProf. Dr. Markus TingartPublic
University Hospital of the Saarland HomburgProf. Dr. Stefan LandgraeberPublic
University and Rehabilitation Clinic UlmProf. Dr. Heiko ReichelPublic
Vitos Orthopedic Hospital KasselProf. Dr. Werner SiebertPublic

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If you suffer from hip complaints, you will be perfectly cared for in all of the clinics mentioned above as a patient from abroad. Do you have any specific sufferings or further questions? Contact us! We are glad to help!