Kliniken für Kniechirurgie
Martin Luther Krankenhaus Berlin, ©de-okin/CC0

When the knee doesn’t work like it used to, every step hurts. An immediate and effective treatment is every patient’s wish. Here, some excellent German clinics for foot surgery are listed.
There are about 2,000 hospitals in Germany. All of them employ well-trained doctors and their wards are provided with modern equipment. However, there are differences regarding their quality of treatment.

Some doctors are more experienced than others, they carry out more research and are well-known for their precise work. Furthermore, service plays a role. If the staffing level is low, some patients cannot receive the best care. More questions arise still: Are there members of the staff that speak foreign languages? Are cultural differences regarding diet taken into consideration? Is a quick transport from the airport possible?

Just as unique as every patient is, so are the questions that become relevant before the treatment. Below, some excellent German clinics for knee surgery are listed. The following criteria were applied when compiling the list which is arranged in alphabetical order:

  • Focus Award! Every year, the Focus magazine publishes a list of the best clinics for knee surgery in Germany. All the hospitals mentioned below are listed as top clinics in the field of knee surgery (cruciate ligament/meniscus) in the Clinic List 2021.
  • International Reputation! Doctors at the clinics mentioned above are well-known internationally, because they give specialist lectures there or because they are recommended by local colleagues. Therefore, all the clinics in the list have an International Office for patients from abroad.
  • Private vs. Public! It is important to know whether you can be treated in the hospital as a patient with statutory health insurance. This is why the list mentions whether it is a public or a private clinic.

Which are the best Clinics for Knee Surgery in Germany?

Sports Clinic StuttgartStuttgartPublic
Sana Clinic MunichMunichPrivate
Clinic of the LMU MunichMunichPublic
Schön Clinic Munich HarlachingMunichPrivate
Rechts der Isar Clinic of the TUMMunichPublic
Schön Clinic HarthausenBad AiblingPrivate
University Hospital WürzburgWürzburgPublic
Charité - University Medicine BerlinBerlinPublic
Martin Luther HospitalBerlinPublic
Asklepios Clinic St. GeorgHamburgPrivate
University Hospital Hamburg EppendorfHamburgPublic
Sana Dreifaltigkeits Hospital CologneColognePrivate
Atos Clinic HeidelbergHeidelbergPrivate
OCM ClinicMunichPrivate
Atos Clinic MunichMunichPrivate
Atos MediaPark ClinicColognePrivate

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This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.