Medical Guidelines

Diabetes, prostate cancer or eating disorder – in the medical guidelines, the latest knowledge about the treatment of diseases is gathered. The information is openly accessible.

Of course, the family doctor is the first and important contact when it comes to the treatment of a disease. You can also exchange experiences with friends or family. Many websites of well-known health magazines supply additional helpful information on symptoms and treatments of illnesses.

However, you get full and evidence-based information in the medical guideline. It is intended to serve as orientation for doctors and summarizes the latest knowledge on treatment. For example, it says that after surgery of the carpal tunnel syndrome, you generally shouldn’t put weight on the hand for two to three weeks.

Many Experts – One S3-Guideline

There are different kinds of guidelines in Germany: S1, S2k, S2e. The most extensive and important guideline is the so-called S3-guideline. Often, there isn’t only a version for doctors but also for patients. A second version of the guideline is written in a way that medical laypersons can understand it. It is always recommendable to read it. If you know a lot about the treatment of your own disease, it is easier to take part in decision-making.

Every human is examined individually by the doctors and treated individually correspondingly. That’s why there are guidelines that doctors use as orientation, but no binding directives which legally stipulate a certain treatment. The doctor can only recommend a treatment, the patient makes the decision. Thanks to the guideline however, the patient can get all the information he or she needs.

Expiration Date: 5 Years

The Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) is responsible for the coordination of the guidelines. The AWMF provides access to more than 150 updated guidelines per year on their website. They are free of charge and openly accessible for patients and doctors. When the guideline is older than five years, it is usually updated.

Do you need information about the treatment of adiposity, breast cancer or the carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you interested in another disease? Here you can find many different guidelines in easy to read language.