Clinic for a Breast Augmentation
Helios Clinic Schwerin, ©Gerd Fahrenhorst/CC0

Which German clinics and practices offer high-quality breast augmentations? Some excellent doctors are listed here.

Breast augmentation (also called augmentation mammoplasty) is the most popular aesthetic-plastic surgery with women. Besides the purely aesthetic reasons, the procedure is often performed due to asymmetry, malformations or after breast cancer surgery. In these cases, health insurance reimburses the costs. If it is “only” a cosmetic surgery, you have to bear the costs yourself.

Besides the implantation of a silicone implant, another option is the breast augmentation with autologous fat. All clinics and practices listed below offer breast augmentation with silicone implants as well as breast augmentation with autologous fat. The doctors have great experience with this procedure and received good or very good reviews from their patients.

Top Clinics and Practices for a Breast Augmentation

Top DoctorCityClinic/Practice 
Dr. Steffen HandsteinDresdenPractice
Dr. Olaf KauderBerlinPractice
Prof. Dr. Klaus PlogmeierBerlinPractice
Dr. Uwe von FritschenBerlinHelios Clinic Emil von Behring
Dr. Klaus UeberreiterBirkenwerderPark Clinic
Dr. Roland MettSchwerinHelios Clinic Schwerin
Dr. Jan PaselHamburgPractice
Dr. Werner Meyer-GattermannHannoverPractice
Dr. Hans-Detlef AxmannHannoverPractice
Dr. Sixtus AllertHamelnSana Clinic Hameln
Prof. Dr. Hisham FansaBielefeldBIelefeld Clinic
Prof. Dr. Ernst Magnus NoahKasselPractice
Dr. Lutz GruhlKasselPractice
Dr. Carolin Nestle-KrämlingDüsseldorfProtestant Hospital Düsseldorf
Prof. Dr. Jutta LiebauDüsseldorfFlorence-Nightingale Hospital
Prof. Dr. Christoph AndreeDüsseldorfSana Hospital Gerresheim
Prof. Dr. Sherko KümmelEssenProtestant Clinics Essen-Mitte
Dr. Mahdi RezaiDuisburgHelios St. Anna Hospital
Prof. Dr. Mathias WarmKölnCologne Clinics - Holweide Hospital
Dr. Mark FunkeBergisch GladbachPractice
Dr. Lutz KleinschmidtBergisch GladbachPractice
Dr. Helge JensAachenPractice
PD Dr. Klaus ExnerFrankfurt am MainPractice
Dr. Norbert KaniaFrankfurt am MainPractice
Dr. Gisbert HollFrankfurt am MainPractice
Dr. Ralph Paul KunerWiesbadenPractice
Dr. Dietmar ScholzWiesbadenPractice
Prof. Dr. Hans-J. StrittmatterWinnendenRems-Murr Clinic
PD Dr. Matthias VoigtFreiburgPractice
Prof. Dr. Christoph HeitmannMünchenPractice
Prof. Dr. Christian GabkaMünchenPractice
Prof. Dr. Darius DianMünchenPractice
Dr. Hans-Leo NathrathMünchenPractice
Dr. Hans Wolfgang HörlMünchenPractice
Prof. Dr. C. Holm MühlbauerMünchenAtos Clinic
Dr. Gernot MaiwaldIngolstadtPractice
Prof. Dr. Albert K. HofmannUlmRosengasse Clinic
Prof. Dr. Lukas PrantlRegensburgCaritas Hospital St. Josef

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This is how the list was created

  • Large Range of Treatments! All doctors in the list have great experience in the surgical augmentation of the breast and offer the augmentation with autologous fat, with silicone as well as a combined treatment.
  • Certifications! When a doctor completed the six-year medical specialist training in “Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery”, “Gynecology” or “General Surgery”, they already performed a lot of cosmetic surgeries and acquired extensive knowledge for consultations. All the doctors in the list above successfully completed the corresponding specialist training.
  • High Level of Patient Satisfaction! All the doctors listed above have been rated with the grade 2 or better on the rating platform Jameda.