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Erfahrungsbericht Knie-TEP

Total Knee Replacement: Double Surgery With Expert Knowledge

Edith Hoffmann had two total knee replacements at the age of 59. In this report, she talks about how she experienced the surgery and the time after. Today, the 75-year-old plays the drums in a Samba group.
Christian Schaefer

Heart Valve Surgery: “It Clicks, I’m Alive”

In 1986, an aortic insufficiency caused Christian Schaefer’s heart to stop doing what it is supposed to do. He got a mechanical heart valve. Since then, it clicks in his breast. So what!
ADHD Experience Report

ADHD: Violence – The Creeping Hidden Poison

Eric is suffering from ADHD. Dr. Stephanie Boßerhoff accompanies him for many years and although both parents cooperate and the doctor makes full use of all treatment possibilities, the boy doesn’t feel any better.
Experience Report Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement – Pain Is A Strong Signal

Actually, the implantation of the knee prosthesis went smoothly for Ludwig Franke. However, the 63-year-old lawyer is in pain. That this pain should be linked to his drug addict daughter who lives in Berlin sounded like a bad joke to him at first.
Dörte Maack on a unicycle

Dörte Maack: Run, Run, Run, Jump – That’s the Rhythm in my Head

Dörte Maack was 25 years old when she is told that she has retinitis pigmentosa. “I’m the last person to get such a shitty disease”, the acrobat and street artist thought. She traveled as far as China hoping for a cure.
Encourager for breast cancer

Evelyn Kühne: “Breast cancer made me strong”

When Evelyn Kühne sits in the car after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she thinks: "If I just turn right now and drive into this pillar, everything will be over." Later, she finds her vocation thanks to the disease.