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Clinics with Surgical Robots for Knee Surgery

Clinics with a Surgical Robot for Knee Surgery

Which clinics in Germany use a robotic system for knee surgery? 17 hospitals are listed here.
Artificial Knee

Living With An Artificial Knee: Diet, Exercise, Sleep

How do you live with an artificial knee? What are you allowed to do, what should be avoided? Some important aspects are mentioned here.
Erfahrungsbericht Knie-TEP

Total Knee Replacement: Double Surgery With Expert Knowledge

Edith Hoffmann had two total knee replacements at the age of 59. In this report, she talks about how she experienced the surgery and the time after. Today, the 75-year-old plays the drums in a Samba group.
Knee prosthesis

Knee Prosthesis: Opportunities and Risks of Surgery

Which surgical methods are there for a knee prosthesis? Which types of prostheses are recommended and how high are the chances of healing? Here you will find information about the implantation of a knee prosthesis.
Experience Report Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement – Pain Is A Strong Signal

Actually, the implantation of the knee prosthesis went smoothly for Ludwig Franke. However, the 63-year-old lawyer is in pain. That this pain should be linked to his drug addict daughter who lives in Berlin sounded like a bad joke to him at first.
Kliniken für Kniechirurgie

Clinics for Knee Surgery

Which are the best hospitals for knee surgery in Germany? Some excellent clinics for patients from Germany and abroad are listed here.
Surgical Robots for Knee Surgery

Robotic-assisted Knee Surgery

At Sankt Marien Hospital Buer, knee prostheses are implanted with the help of a robot. This system facilitates the surgeon’s work, however, its effectiveness has not been fully proven yet.