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German Rehab Clinic for Lung Cancer

Rehab Clinics for Lung Cancer

Which are the best rehab clinics for lung cancer in Germany? Some excellent hospitals are listed here.

Will my Lung Cancer be Tested?

[Advertisement]: When you are diagnosed with lung cancer, your first question is: what is the next step? As is often the case in medicine, there is no universal answer. However, in the case of an advanced stage of illness, the best therapy can be found using a tumor biological test. [Advertisement]

Clinics for Lung Cancer

Which German clinics offer the best treatment for lung cancer? The 34 best German lung cancer clinics are presented here.

»Mother is diagnosed with lung cancer – how are we going to manage this?«

ZDF editor Claudio Armbruster describes how he experienced his mother’s lung cancer.

Does Smoking Cause Lung Cancer, Prof. Herth?

Prof. Dr. Felix Herth explains in an interview why many patients from abroad choose the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg for their treatment.

Late effects of smoking: lung cancer

How is lung cancer treated in Germany? In this article, you can find information about the diagnostic, the therapy and the costs.