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How to beat Prostate Cancer

How is prostate cancer treated in Germany? Here, the most important information about the diagnosis, the therapy and the costs are presented.
Institute for Brain Research of the University Hospital Tübingen

Clinics for Brain Cancer

Which are the best neuro-oncological tumor centers in Germany? 17 excellent specialist clinics are listed here.

Which Drugs Help against COPD, Prof. Taube?

How is COPD treated in Germany? Prof. Dr. Taube, Chief Physician at the Clinic for Pneumology of the University Essen talks about treatment methods.

Child illness: Asthma

Diagnosis - Therapy - Medication - Cost. This article presents the most important information on the treatment of asthma in Germany.

First consultation with the doctor

„How can I help you?“ - is a question often asked by doctors at the beginning of a consultation. It is important that you formulate your symptoms in an understandable way.