Clinic for Liver Cancer
Building of the Charité in Berlin, ©Jörg Zägel/CC0

Which clinics in Germany are most suitable for the treatment of liver cancer? 23 excellent hospitals are listed here.

Liver cancer mostly occurs as a consequence of a liver cirrhosis which leads to the destruction of the liver cells. Some of the risk factors are alcohol abuse, chronic viral illnesses or diabetes. Over the last 35 years, the number of new liver cancer patients has doubled, which is connected to increasing obesity and type 2 diabetes amongst other things. Liver cancer is mostly detected at an advanced stage, leading to low chances of cure.

According to the German Cancer Society, different therapies for liver cancer can be considered, for example surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The clinics mentioned below offer different forms of therapy with high quality of treatment. The doctors have great experience in the treatment of liver cancer and the necessary state-of-the-art equipment is also available.

23 excellent Clinics for Liver Cancer

HospitalCityTreatment Cases (2018)International Office 
Charité - University Medicine BerlinBerlin773Yes
Universitätsklinikum EssenEssen674Yes
University Hospital FrankfurtFrankfurt am Main557Yes
University Hospital MünsterMünster542Yes
University Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University MainzMainz521Yes
Medical School HannoverHannover482Yes
Munich University HospitalMunich444Yes
University Hospital RegensburgRegensburg432No
University Hospital JenaJena406No
University Hospital TübingenTübingen353Yes
University Hospital BonnBonn328Yes
University Hospital LeipzigLeipzig321No
Augsburg ClinicAugsburg269Yes
University Hospital RWTH AachenAachen267Yes
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus DresdenDresden213Yes
University Hospital ErlangenErlangen208Yes
Nürnberg Nord ClinicNürnberg196Yes
University Hospital WürzburgWürzburg183Yes
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel locationKiel181Yes
University Hospital CologneCologne173Yes
University Hospital DüsseldorfDüsseldorf166Yes
Stuttgart Clinic – Katharinenhospital and OlgahospitalStuttgart163Yes
University Hospital MannheimMannheim158Yes

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This is how the clinic list was created

  • Many patients! At the clinics presented above, the doctors have great experience with liver cancer (ICD C22), because only hospitals that treat liver cancer on an above-average basis have been taken into consideration. Hospitals are obliged to inform about their medical treatment in quality reports and to provide this information to the Federal Joint Committee.
  • High Level of Patient Safety! All of the clinics attach above-average value to patient safety. At least 45 out of 55 measures have been taken in order to guarantee optimal hygiene before, during and after surgery.
  • Excellent Equipment! All clinics have the equipment that is necessary for the treatment at their disposal which guarantees a successful therapy. At least 14 out of 17 criteria are fulfilled in the equipment of the hospital.
  • Certifications! When a clinic receives a certificate, this means that there are doctors who specialized in the treatment of liver cancer and that the necessary equipment for treatment is available. All of the clinics in the list have been certified by the German Cancer Society as Liver Cancer Centers by the German Cancer Society.

This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.