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Which clinics in Germany are most suitable for the treatment of prostate cancer? Some excellent specialist clinics are listed here.

In Germany, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. The number of patients is increasing continuously. Symptoms like frequent urination or blood in the urine mostly only occur at an advanced stage of the tumor. Some of the risk factors for prostate cancer are age, family history and hormones.

There are different treatment methods for prostate cancer which depend on the progression of the disease, for example surgery, radiotherapy or a combination of radiation therapy and hormone therapy. All clinics listed below offer therapies with high treatment quality. The doctors have great experience with prostate cancer due to the high number of patients. The necessary equipment for the treatment is also available.

Excellent Clinics for Prostate Cancer in Germany

HospitalCityTreatment Cases (2019)International Office 
Martini Clinic at the UKEHamburg2082Yes
St. Antonius-Hospital GronauGronau1582No
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus DresdenDresden988Yes
Marien Hospital HerneHerne977No
Munich University Hospital Munich881Yes
Rechts der Isar Clinic of the TUMMunich804Yes
University Hospital FreiburgFreiburg700Yes
University Hospital MünsterMünster658Yes
Diakonie Clinic StuttgartStuttgart646No
Caritas Hospital St. JosefRegensburg590No
University Medicine GöttingenGöttingen573No
University Hospital CologneCologne542Yes
University Medicine of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University MainzMainz533Yes
University Hospital LeipzigLeipzig528No
Sindelfingen ClinicsSindelfingen505No
University Hospital FrankfurtFrankfurt496Yes
University Hospital TübingenTübingen470Yes
University Hospital WürzburgWürzburg453Yes
SRH Forest Clinic GeraGera419No
Nürnberg Nord ClinicNuremberg409Yes
Stuttgart ClinicStuttgart385Yes
University Hospital Halle (Saale)Halle (Saale)375No
Medical School HannoverHanover373Yes
Fulda ClinicFulda363No
Protestant Clinics Essen-MitteEssen360No
St. Georg ClinicLeipzig350No
Oldenburg ClinicOldenburg348No
University Hospital UlmUlm333Yes
University Hospital Gießen and Marburg, Marburg locationMarburg322Yes
Siloah St. Trudpert ClinicPforzheim310No
Barmherzige Brüder Hospital MunichMunich307No
University Hospital EssenEssen297Yes
Ammerland Clinic WesterstedeWesterstede288No
GFO Clinics Troisdorf, St. Josef Troisdorf locationTroisdorf273No
Municipal Clinic DessauDessau-Roßlau255No
SHG Clinics VölklingenVölklingen251No
Brüderkrankenhaus St. Josef PaderbornPaderborn248No
University Hospital JenaJena247No
Medius Clinic Ostfildern-RuitOstfildern240No
St. Elisabeth Clinic StraubingStraubing236No
Municipal Clinic DresdenDresden233Yes
Diakonissenkrankenhaus DresdenDresden232No
Magdeburg ClinicMagdeburg222No
Forest Hospital BonnBonn217No
Hospital of the Barmherzigen Brüder TrierTrier216No
St. Marien Clinic AmbergAmberg215No
Catholic Hospital Association OstwestfalenBielefeld196No
Helios Clinic ErfurtErfurt194Yes
Knappschaftskrankenhaus BottropBottrop191Yes
Barmherzige Brüder Hospital RegensburgRegensburg191Yes
Kempten ClinicKempten163No
SRH Hospital SigmaringenSigmaringen162No
Nagold ClinicNagold157No
Herz-Jesu-Hospital HiltrupMünster153No
Memmingen ClinicMemmingen149No
Sana Clinics Leipziger Land, Borna ClinicBorna137Yes
Martha-Maria Hospital Halle-DölauHalle (Saale)134No
University Medicine GreifswaldGreifswald134Yes
Westmünsterland Clinics St. Marien-Hospital AhausAhaus131No

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This is how the clinic list was created

  • Many patients! At the clinics presented above, doctors have great experience with prostate cancer (ICD C61), because only hospitals that treat prostate cancer on an above-average basis have been taken into consideration. Hospitals are obliged to inform about their medical treatment in quality reports and to provide this information to the Federal Joint Committee.
  • High Level of Patient Safety! All the clinics attach above-average value to patient safety. At least 45 out of 55 measures are taken in order to guarantee optimal hygiene before, during and after surgery.
  • Certifications! When a clinic receives a certificate, this means that there are doctors who specialized in the treatment of prostate cancer and that the necessary equipment for treatment is available. All the clinics in the list have been certified as Prostate Cancer Centers by the German Cancer Society.
  • High Level of Patient Satisfaction! The level of patient satisfaction of the clinics in the list is at least 85 per cent. This is the result of a survey by the German health insurance companies AOK, the BARMER Ersatzkasse and the Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH) in cooperation with the “Weisse Liste”. Every year, almost half a million of insured people are being questioned about their hospital stay.

This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.