These celebrities have been treated in Germany

German doctors have a good reputation and the clinics in the Federal Republic are very well equipped. No wonder that familiar faces from all over the world come to Germany to be treated. Here are ten public figures from politics, sports and culture.

1Cristiano Ronaldo

Calf problems, internal ligament strain, thigh problems, hamstring, the list of injuries of Cristiano Ronaldo is long. To be treated, the three-time world footballer travels to Germany to Munich, to Hans-Wilhelm Müller Wohlfahrt. The trained orthopedist is a team doctor of the German national team and the F.C. Bayern Munich. He’s not only familiar with the suffering of footballers, but also other stars such as Bruce Springsteen and Boris Becker come to his practice. The sprinter Usain Bolt even calls Müller-Wohlfahrt “the best doctor in the world.”

Picture: ©Антон Зайцев

2George Clooney

When Dr. Ralf Buhr learned that George Clooney only a month before his glamorous wedding with Amal Alamuddin in Venice, wanted to be treated by him, the excitement was great. Why me?, the chief physician of neurology who works in the small urban hospital Solingen (near Düsseldorf), asked himself. Unlike in Hollywood, one is known there as a physician not by an extravagant appearance, but by his professional expertise. Clooney heard of Dr. Buhr through a lecture, which the German physician held in the USA. Since his stunt accident during the shooting of the movie “Syriana” (2005), George Clooney suffered from severe back and headaches. Whether they’ve passed away thanks to his treatment in Germany, Dr. Buhr does not know. He took a close look at the pictures of the wedding in Venice, with the eyes of the surgeon. What he saw relieved him: George Clooney looked radiant with Amal.

Picture: ©White House/Pete Souza

3Julija Tymoschenko

The former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was also treated in Germany. Due to several herniated discs, she came to Berlin in 2014 to Charité. Previously, she spent several years in prison, because she was sentenced in the reign of her political opponent Viktor Yanukovych for economic fraud. After riots in the country and his flight out of the country, she was released and soon took a plane to Berlin.

Picture: ©CC0/Euku

4Sherif Ismail

Former Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail traveled to Germany in November 2017 to undergo a medical treatment. Where and what Ismail was treated for, the Egyptian government did not reveal. Unlike his predecessor Husni Mubarak, who was treated for herniated discs and problems with gall bladder in hospitals in Munich and Heidelberg, the disease seems to be more serious in Sherif Ismail. He stayed in Germany for a full three weeks.

Picture: ©Υπουργείο Εξωτερικών/CC0

5Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad

One of the most powerful men in Kuwait is Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad. He is not only the Foreign Minister, but also the son of the current Emir abah al-Ahmad al-Jaber. Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad came to Germany in June 2018 to seek treatment for lung cancer. Where the operation took place, was not revealed, but he seems to have survived the intervention well, at least after the operation he was able to lively chat with his father.

Picture: ©كونا – وكالة الأنباء الكويتية


The American singer and actress Cher has been trusting German doctors since the 1980s. At that time, she almost died of pneumonia in the USA; only in Germany the correct diagnosis has been made. “They have opportunities there that we would never have dreamed of”, said Cher in an interview with the UK broadcaster BBC. The singer suffered from physical and mental exhaustion that made it impossible for her to work. In Germany, the medical team from Dr. Pfützenreuter from the Munich private clinic MedNord recognized that her chronic fatigue states are triggered by the Epstein-Barr virus.

Picture: ©David Carroll/CC0

7Sofia Rotaru

If Cher is the pop icon of the West, Sofia Rotaru can be described as the pop queen of the East. Thanks to hits like Lavanda or Червона рута she has a huge fan base in many countries of the former Soviet Union. Even more impressive is the vocal career of Sofia Rotaru, considering that she has had chronic bronchitis since her twenties, sometimes leading to asthmatic choking. Again and again, the Russian-Ukrainian singer visited clinics in Germany to be treated by German pulmonologists. In 2014, the next shock followed: she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Again, she went to Germany for treatment.


8Nursultan Nasarbajew

The President of Kazakhstan, according to various German newspapers, visited the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in 2011. Why Nasarbayev traveled to Hamburg, neither a spokesman for the Foreign Office, nor a spokesman for the government in Astana wanted to reveal. Officially, Nazarbayev was on a short break. Does the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf offer itself for a recovery? After all, the Kazakh head of state could fulfill just about any holiday dream, since his fortune is estimated at seven billion dollars.

Picture: ©Margulan.zholaman 

9Sergei Lawrow

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov trusts the German health system. Most recently, during the security conference in Munich, he was briefed by knee specialist Dr. Rembeck in his Munich practice. According to reports by the New York Post, in 2014 Vladimir Putin was also taken care of by a Dresden doctor, whom he knows from KGB times. Putin was allegedly ill with pancreatic cancer, the German doctor allegedly traveled to Russia to treat Putin there. However, such cancer rumors of the Russian head of government were denied by the Russian government.

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10Naomi Campbell

Did she or did she not? There’s a lot suggesting that Naomi Campbell has embellished her cheeks, breasts and hips. At least her body could not withstand the critical analysis of the fashion blogger scene. Whether she got the treatments by a German cosmetic surgeon Prof. Dr. med. Werner Mang in his Bodenseeklinik remains unclear. Dr. Mang considers himself “the most successful doctor in Europe”, but he does not talk about his patients. Nevertheless, he allows himself to hang pictures of celebrities in his practice rooms. A picture of Naomi Campbell is one of them.

Picture: ©Georges Biard