Testicular cancer: Taking care of myself

Kolja is 28, freshly separated and tinkering with a new beginning, new apartment and new job… but there is a hardening in his left testicle. And now he has to make existential decisions for himself and his life.

„I didn’t want to live anymore!“

Sieglinde was struck by lightning. But it wasn’t the thousands of amperes or the sudden heat of several thousand degrees Celsius that almost killed her, but the suicide attempt six years later. A report of a suffering.

Coronavirus: Telediagnosis via Video Consultation

There are different companies in Germany that provide online consultation and online prescriptions. We tested five different providers.

The German Healthcare System

Depending on the disease, in Germany you either visit a general practitioner in his practice, a specialist, a hospital or a rehabilitation facility.

Coronavirus: Germany Better Prepared than Italy

Will the Corona crisis hit the German healthcare system just as hard as the Italian one? Different indicators speak against it.

Coronavirus in Germany – 10 Useful Answers

There are many questions about the spread of the coronavirus. In this article, we answer ten burning questions about your jobm family and vacation.

A Day in the Life of an Emergency Doctor in Germany

Every year, one million visitors come to Cologne to celebrate Carnival there. But are there also a lot of emergencies? This is how Dr. Tommaso Coin experienced the day.

Checklist: Hospital Stay

What do I have to remember before a hospital stay in Germany? All the important aspects are listed in this checklist.

Treatment costs in the U.S.A. and in Germany

The German doctor Dr. Peter Niemann was pretty astonished when he found out how much a minor medical intervention costs in the USA. A pleural puncture can cost up to 2,000 dollars there.

Surgery Costs in different Countries

How much does heart bypass surgery cost in the USA? How expensive is Caesarean delivery in Switzerland? The costs for various operations in different countries are presented here.

The difficult Search for the Suitable Clinic

Here is why patients from abroad should best contact the Case Manager of a clinic and not a Health Agency.

How do I find the right patient mediator?

Hundreds of patient mediators offer their help to foreign patients, however there are many black sheeps as well. Get tips on choosing the right one.

First consultation with the doctor

„How can I help you?“ - is a question often asked by doctors at the beginning of a consultation. It is important that you formulate your symptoms in an understandable way.

A cup of coffee with…philosophy professor Martin Ajei

Many patients with prostate cancer in Germany undergo surgery with the Da Vinci robot every year. Martin Ajei has come from Ghana to do this.

Important Information for Foreign Patients in Germany

As a research assistant at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Jens Juszczak has been dealing with medical tourism for many years. In this interview, he gives foreign patients some important tips.

Pregnancy and Giving Birth in Germany

How to expectant mothers experience their pregnancy in Germany? How are they supported during birth and what happens afterwards? Here is a brief overview.

These celebrities have been treated in Germany

Whether it's Ronaldo, George Clooney or Cher, many public figures can be treated by German doctors.

Your perfect day in Cologne

Cologne does not only have many specialized hospitals, there is also a lot to discover for visitors. This is how you could spend your perfect day in Cologne far away from the hospital.