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Hip prosthesis

Hip Prosthesis: Opportunities and Risks of Surgery

Most patients can work without pain after the implantation of a hip prosthesis. Here you can read about the opportunities and risks of such an operation in Germany.
Institute for Brain Research of the University Hospital Tübingen

Clinics for Brain Cancer

Which are the best neuro-oncological tumor centers in Germany? 17 excellent specialist clinics are listed here.
Hospital for an Inguinal Hernia

Clinics for an Inguinal Hernia

Which clinics in Germany offer high treatment quality for inguinal hernia? 11 excellent hospitals are listed here.
Medical Guidelines

Inside Knowledge: The Medical Guideline

Diabetes, liver cancer or eating disorder – in the medical guidelines, the latest knowledge about the treatment of diseases is gathered. The information is openly accessible.
Clinic for foot surgery

Clinics for Foot Surgery

Which hospitals do not only treat German patients, but also patients from other countries? The best clinics for foot surgery are listed here.
Clinic for Thyroid Surgery

Clinics for Thyroid Surgery

Which clinics in Germany are most suitable for thyroid surgery? 18 hospitals with high quality of treatment are listed here.
Clinic for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Clinics for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Which clinics in Germany offer a high quality of treatment for cardiac arrhythmia? 21 excellent hospitals are listed here.
Christian Schaefer

Heart Valve Surgery: “It Clicks, I’m Alive”

In 1986, an aortic insufficiency caused Christian Schaefer’s heart to stop doing what it is supposed to do. He got a mechanical heart valve. Since then, it clicks in his breast. So what!
Klinik für Schulterchirurgie

Clinics for Shoulder Surgery

In order to present the best specialist clinics for patients with shoulder problems, this article lists some selected private and public hospitals.

Clinics for Leukemia

Anyone can be affected by leukemia. The disease is not caused by the lifestyle but by wrong genetic information in the blood cells. The top 18 hospitals for the treatment of leukemia are listed here.