Your Compass in the Jungle of German Clinics

  • In November 2018, the German journalist Lukas Hoffmann founded the portal Clinic Compass to inform about the German health system.
  • On Clinic Compass, patients from Germany and from abroad can find information about specialist clinics, treatment costs and therapies. Additionally, interviews with chief physicians are being published.
  • The English translations of the articles are contributed by Annika Schmitt. She successfully completed a Bachelor degree in “Language and Economics” at the Cologne University of Technology.
  • The portal is financed through advertising revenue (Sponsored Content). Customer articles are marked as “Sponsored”. Customers of Klinik Kompass do not at any time influence articles that are not marked as “Sponsored”. We reserve the right to refuse advertising. For example, no advertising clinic portraits will be published if the hospital is not listed by Klinik Kompass as a specialist clinic. No advertising will be made for food supplements or cosmetic surgery. Any advertising content is in accordance with the principles of the Central Ethics Committee of the German Medical Association. Klinik Kompass does not place Google advertisements. Only sponsored articles are published, which are carefully checked by the editors according to the above mentioned criteria before publication.
  • Since September 2019, the project Clinic Compass is supported by the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia through a stipend for start-ups.

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