Rehab Clinic for Neurology
Rehab Clinic of the MediClin AG in Soltau, ©Etmot/CC0

Which rehabilitation clinics in Germany are the most suitable for the treatment of a neurological disease or after a neuro-surgical intervention? Some excellent hospitals are listed here.

Neurological rehabilitation aims at supporting patients with a neurological disease (nervous system disorders) or after a neuro-surgical intervention. After a brain tumor surgery for example, the patient stays at a rehabilitation clinic for several weeks.

A neurological disease such as a stroke or brain haemorrhage often entails the loss of everyday competences like the ability to walk or speak. Neurological rehabilitation helps the patients with the help of targeted measures to solve these problems and return to daily life. Besides important measures such as physiotherapy or speech therapy, most rehab clinics also offer mental support and social counseling.

The best Rehab Clinics for Neurology

Rehab ClinicNumber of BedsCity  
Paussauer Wolf Rehab Center Bad Gögging388Bad Gögging
Bavaria Kreischa Clinic370Kreischa
m&i Specialist Clinic Bad Heilbrunn351Bad Heilbrunn
m&i Specialist Clinic Ichenhausen350Ichenhausen
Asklepios Clinic Schaufling350Schaufling
MediClin Clinic Soltau313Soltau
Marcus Clinic308Bad Driburg
MediClin Rehab Center Bad Orb292Bad Orb
Hoher Meißner Clinic285Bad Sooden-Allendorf
Dr. Becker Rhein-Sieg Clinic280Nümbrecht
MediClin Rehab Center Plau am See268Plau am See
Dr.Becker Kiliani Clinic256Bad Windsheim
Vamed Clinic Hagen-Ambrock250Hagen
Schmieder Konstanz Clinic240Konstanz
Bavaria Zscheckwitz Clinic Rehabilitation Center170Kreischa
Waldklinik Jesteburg165Jesteburg
Asklepios Clinics Schildautal154Seesen
Medical Park Loipl147Bischofswiesen
Klausenbach Rehab Clinic125Nordrach
Schön Clinic Bad Aibling123Bad Aibling
Neurological Clinic Bad Neustadt121Bad Neustadt an der Saale
RehaCentrum Hamburg100Hamburg

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This is how the rehab clinic list was created

  • Focus Award! Every year, the big German weekly magazine DER FOCUS honors the best rehab clinics. According to the rehab clinic list 2020, all of the listed clinics are specialized in neurology and are often recommended by patients and on an above-average basis by doctors.
  • Certificates! In-patient rehab clinics are obliged to obtain certification. All of the clinics listed above hold the certificate of an official organization, for example the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (QMS Reha, German Pension Insurance Union) or the TÜV Süd or TÜV Nord (system QM, Technical Inspection Association).
  • Comprehensive Help! Especially for rehabilitation, it is important that experts from different areas take care of the patient, for example occupational therapists, physiotherapists and sports therapists. All of the clinics listed above have interdisciplinary teams with experts from at least five specialist areas.
  • Accompanying Person! For many people, it is important to have a close relative or friend with them. Therefore, only rehab clinics which allow patients to bring an accompanying person are listed.

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