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Which Drugs Help against COPD, Prof. Taube?

How is COPD treated in Germany? Prof. Dr. Taube, Chief Physician at the Clinic for Pneumology of the University Essen talks about treatment methods.
Dr. Jörg Oliver Semler

What are brittle bones, Dr. Semler?

What are the symptoms of the brittle bone disease and what types of therapy are available? Dr. Semler from the University Hospital Cologne replies to these questions in an interview.

Does Smoking Cause Lung Cancer, Prof. Herth?

Prof. Dr. Felix Herth explains in an interview why many patients from abroad choose the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg for their treatment.
Prof. Dr. Peter Young

Prof. Young, why do we have trouble sleeping?

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Young is one of the most acknowledged experts in the field of sleep medicine in Germany. In this interview, he says why you should not stay in bed if you cannot sleep and that most patients don’t need a sleep laboratory but intensive counseling.
men in a blue jacket

Which Plastic Surgery are you Proud of, Prof. Giunta?

Is an aesthetic operation in Germany worthwhile? In this interview, Prof. Dr. Riccardo Giunta talks about plastic surgery, his area of expertise.

Who can Solve the Mystery about my Illness, Prof. Schäfer?

With a series of lectures Prof. Dr. med. Shepherd beacme famous in Germany. Today, he is an expert on rare diseases.

What can I do about my Asthma, Prof. Hamelmann?

Asthma is a common chronic disease, which teenagers in particular suffer from. Interview with Prof. Dr. Hamelmann, at the specialist clinic in Germany, where most asthma patients are treated.

How can I Combat my Alcohol Addiction, Prof. Zimmermann?

How are patients suffering from alcoholism treated in Germany? In an interview, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zimmermann talks about the treatment methods.

Is Breast Cancer Fatal, Prof. Kümmel?

In the Essen-Mitte Clinics, more breast cancer patients are treated than in most German hospitals. An Interview with Prof. Dr. Kümmel, the Director of the Breast Centre.

Do Meat Eaters have a Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer, Dr. Maurer?

In Germany, the Martini Clinic Hamburg has the most experience with prostate cancer. Interview with the urologist PD Dr. Tobias Maurer, who works there.