Clinics for Anxiety Disorders
Clinic Christophsbad in Göttingen, ©dealerofsalvation/CC0

Which are the best clinics for the treatment of anxiety disorders in Germany? 19 excellent hospitals are listed here.

To a certain extent, fear is vital for humans. It was for example reasonable for our ancestors to run away from a wild bear. Without fear, humanity would have perished long ago. On the other hand, fear can be counterproductive, when it becomes pathological.

There are two different types of anxiety: general, diffuse anxiety which occurs spontaneously and is not triggered by a situation (ICD F41). The other type of anxiety is triggered by a phobia (ICD F40). It is correlated with specific things such as spiders (Fear of spiders – arachnophobia), confined spaces (claustrophobia) or even the telephone (Fear or Telephones – Telephonophobia).

According to the German Society for Anxiety Research (GAF), anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders – around 15 percent of all Germans suffer from anxiety. However, only one in two cases is detected and treated. This is also due to the fact that an anxiety disorder occurs in relation with other mental or organic diseases and is often not recognized as the trigger. Thus, doctors that treat anxiety disorders should be experienced. In the list below, you can find 19 excellent clinics for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Top 19 Clinics for Anxiety Disorder

HospitalCityTreatment Cases (2019)International Office
University Medicine GöttingenGöttingen69No
Magdeburg ClinicMagdeburg66No
Christophsbad Clinic GöppingenGöppingen62No
Südharz Clinic NordhausenNordhausen57No
Helios Clinic ErfurtErfurt56Yes
Asklepios Specialist Clinic BrandenburgBrandenburg an der Havel46No
University Hospital Hamburg-EppendorfHamburg46Yes
University Hospital HeidelbergHeidelberg46Yes
Klinikum am WeissenhofWeinsberg41No
Sophien and Hufeland ClinicWeimar41No
Asklepios Specialist Clinic LübbenLübben40No
University Hospital CologneCologne37Yes
Schön Clinic Hamburg EilbekHamburg36Yes
Municipal Hospital GörlitzGörlitz35Yes
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus DresdenDresden32Yes
University Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University MainzMainz32Yes
University Hospital JenaJena31No
University Hospital LeipzigLeipzig30No
University Hospital TübingenTübingen30Yes

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This is how the clinic list was created:

  • Many Patients! At the clinics presented in the list, doctors have great experience with general anxiety disorders (ICD f41) which occurs much more often than anxieties triggered by phobias (ICD F40). Hospitals are obliged to inform about their medical treatment in quality reports and to provide this information to the Federal Joint Committee. At all of the hospitals, the doctors have at least an average level of experience with anxiety patients.
  • High Level of Patient Satisfaction! The level of patient satisfaction of the clinics in the list is at least at 80 percent. This is the result of a survey by the German health insurance companies AOK and BARMER in cooperation with the “Weisse Liste”. Every year, almost half a million of insured people are being questioned about their hospital stay.
  • Good Hygiene! All the clinics attach above-average value to patient safety. At least 45 out of 55 measures have been taken in order to guarantee optimal hygiene before, during and after surgery.
  • Excellent Equipment! All clinics have the equipment at their disposal that is necessary for the treatment, which guarantees a successful therapy. At least 22 out of 27 criteria are fulfilled in the equipment of the hospital.

This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.