Clinics for Kidney Cancer
Main entrance of the University Hospital in Mannheim, built in 1900, ©StromBer/CC0

Which German clinics are most suitable for the treatment of kidney cancer? Here are eight excellent hospitals which guarantee high treatment quality.

Kidney cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer in adults. The most common form is the renal cell carcinoma, which makes up around 96 percent of all kidney tumors. The most important risk factors are smoking, high blood pressure, overweight and lack of exercise. Taking certain medication and genetic predisposition can also play a role. Kidney cancer can be treated through medication, surgically or with immuno- or radioterapy.

A kidney cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated at an early stage. At all of the clinics listed below, there are specialists for kidney cancer who have great experience and the necessary equipment.

Top 8 Clinics for Kidney Cancer

HospitalCityTreatment Cases (2018)  
University Hospital HalleHalle (Saale)190
University Medicine MainzMainz175
University Medicine MannheimMannheim139
University Hospital CologneCologne132
University Hospital BonnBonn117
Helios Clinic ErfurtErfurt114
University Hospital UlmUlm113
University Hospital Gießen and Marburg, Gießen locationGießen111

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This is how the clinic list was created

  • Many patients! At the clinics presented above, the doctors have great experience with kidney cancer (ICD C64), because only hospitals that treat kidney cancer on an above-average basis have been taken into consideration. Hospitals are obliged to inform about their medical treatment in quality reports and to provide this information to the Federal Joint Committee.
  • Certifications! When a clinic receives a certificate, this means that there are doctors who specialized in the treatment of kidney cancer and that the necessary equipment for treatment is available. All of the clinics in the list have been certified by the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft, DKG) as kidney cancer centers.
  • International Reputation! Doctors at the clinics mentioned above are well-known internationally, because they give specialist lectures there or because they are recommended by local colleagues. Therefore, all the clinics in the list have an International Office for patients from abroad.

This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.

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