University Hospital Heidelberg
Building of the University Hospital Heidelberg, ©Rudolf Stricker/CC0

Are you looking for a clinic for the treatment of obesity in Germany? 12 excellent hospitals with the highest treatment standards are listed here.

Obesity or adiposis is defined as an overweight with a Body Mass Index which is greater than 30. Adiposis is a chronic illness that can entail serious secondary diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Possible causes of obesity are genetic predisposition, hormonal or mental illnesses as well as eating disorders. High calorie nutrition and lack of exercise also promote overweight.

All of the clinics listed below offer an individual treatment. Besides nutritional education and exercise therapy, it also includes mental support and discussion groups. Treatment methods for obesity comprise psychosomatic measures, drug therapy and surgery. The clinics use different tests and interviews in order to put together the best possible treatment for each patient.

12 excellent Clinics for Obesity in Germany

University Hospital Hamburg-EppendorfHamburgPublic
Schön Clinic Hamburg EilbekHamburgPrivate
Asklepios WestklinikumHamburgPrivate
Schön Clinic DüsseldorfDüsseldorfPrivate
Sana Clinic RemscheidRemscheidPrivate
Nordwest HospitalFrankfurt a. M.Public
Sana Clinic OffenbachOffenbachPrivate
University Hospital HeidelbergHeidelbergPublic
Stuttgart Clinic - Bad CanstattStuttgartPublic
Municipal Hospital KarlsruheKarlsruhePublic
Schön Clinic Nürnberg FürthFürthPrivate
University Hospital WürzburgWürzburgPublic

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This is how the clinic list was created

  • Focus Award! Every year, the German weekly magazine Der FOCUS honors the best doctors for obesity. At all of the listed hospitals, either one doctor or the whole team has been honored.
  • Certificates! When a clinic is certified, that means that there are doctors that specialized in the treatment of obesity and that the necessary equipment is available. All of the hospitals listed above have been certified as Centers for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.
  • International Reputation! Doctors at the clinics mentioned below are well-known internationally, because they give specialist lectures abroad or because they are recommended by local colleagues. Therefore, all of the clinics in the list have an International Office for patients from abroad.

This is just a small selection of German clinics. Of course, many other hospitals also offer a high quality of treatment.

Do you have any questions about your treatment, a particular clinic or the treatment costs in Germany? Send us an email. We are glad to help!