Clinic for Post-Covid Patients
The German Clinic for Diagnostics in Wiesbaden is part of Helios. Here, doctors specialized in the diagnosis of complicated diseases. ©CC0

Which clinics in Germany treat post-Covid patients? Here is a list of hospitals that offer office hours for post-Covid patients.

For more than a year now, more and more people are infected with the Coronavirus. Around 10 % of the infected persons suffer from long-term effects of Covid, such as cardiac or pulmonary diseases as well as mental disorders. Even if they are considered to be recovered, many affected persons can only go back to work partly or not at all.

All of the hospitals listed below offer office hours for post-Covid patients, which support patients with long-term effects after a Covid-19 infection. Here, a diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment can be initiated.

Clinics for Post Covid Patients

University Hospital RWTH AachenNeurologyAachen
Charité - University Medicine BerlinImmunology, NeurologyBerlin
St. Josef-Hospital - Clinic of the der Ruhr University BochumNeurologyBochum
Emden ClinicInterdisciplinaryEmden
University Hospital EssenNeurologyEssen
University Medicine Essen RuhrlandklinikPneumologyEssen
University Hospital FrankfurtPneumologyFrankfurt
University Hospital FreiburgInfectiologyFreiburg
University Hospital GießenInfectiologyGießen
University Hospital Hamburg-EppendorfInfectiologyHamburg
Medical School HannoverPneumologyHannover
University Hospital of the SaarlandPneumology, AllergologyHomburg
University Hospital JenaInterdisciplinaryJena
University Hospital CologneInfectiology, NeurologyCologne
St. Georg ClinicInfectiologyLeipzig
University Hospital MindenGastroenterology, InfectiologyMinden
Munich Clinic SchwabingInfectiology, InterdisciplinaryMunich
Sana Clinic OffenbachPneumologyOffenbach
University Hospital UlmCardiology, Pneumology, AngiologyUlm
St. Josefs-Hospital WiesbadenGastroenterology, InfectiologyWiesbaden
DKD Helios Clinic WiesbadenPneumology, Cardiology, Neurology, PsychologyWiesbaden
BG Clinics BerlinNeurology, Pneumology, Cardiology, PsychologyBerlin
BG Clinics BochumNeurology, Pneumology, Cardiology, PsychologyBochum
BG Clinics DuisburgNeurology, Pneumology, Cardiology, PsychologyDuisburg
BG Clinics HalleNeurology, Pneumology, Cardiology, PsychologyHalle (Saale)
BG Clinics HamburgNeurology, Pneumology, Cardiology, PsychologyHamburg
BG Clinics MurnauNeurology, Pneumology, Cardiology, PsychologyMurnau

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This list has been created on the 22nd March 2021. There is no warranty to completeness. Here you can find a list of all german clinics with office hours for Post Covid Patients which is regularly updated.