Today, medicine is a global discipline, most diseases can be treated in a specialist hospital in the patient’s home country. Nevertheless, every year many people go abroad to receive treatment there. An important reason for many patients is the higher quality of the therapy abroad. Also, costs play a major role, as the treatment has to be paid by the patient himself in most cases.

In Germany, two things are striking: high treatment quality + low costs. This is mainly due to the fact that doctors and clinics have to comply to price lists set out by the state. A doctor in a small provincial hospital and an international expert in a renowned clinic in the capital have to charge the same fees for an operation. Negotiations are only possible for additional offers such as in-depth consultations. Another aspect that can influence the price is the equipment of the hospital (higher price when there is more nursing staff, etc.). These additional posts are always accounted for separately and are marked as such on the bill. The costs for the surgery are the same in all clinics.

How much does a treatment costs in Germany in an international comparison? Below, different frequently performed operations are presented.

Average Costs of a Heart Bypass Surgery in selected Countries

Average Costs of a Cataract Operation in selected Countries

Average Costs of an Artificial Hip in selected Countries

Average Costs for Caesarean Delivery in selected Countries

The statistics show: the surgery is comparatively inexpensive in Germany. In other European countries such as Switzerland, much higher prices are charged for the equal treatment quality. In the USA, every intervention is at least twice as expensive as in Germany. The German doctor Dr. Niemann explains why the costs are so high in the USA in a blog article.