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Institute for Brain Research of the University Hospital Tübingen

Clinics for Brain Cancer

Which are the best neuro-oncological tumor centers in Germany? 17 excellent specialist clinics are listed here.

Mostly Defeated: Breast Cancer

This article presents the treatment costs of breast cancer in Germany and essential therapies.

Child illness: Asthma

Diagnosis - Therapy - Medication - Cost. This article presents the most important information on the treatment of asthma in Germany.

Late effects of smoking: lung cancer

How is lung cancer treated in Germany? In this article, you can find information about the diagnostic, the therapy and the costs.

More than a sugar condition: Diabetes

Once diabetes has been diagnosed there are many potential treatment options. What expenses fall on German patients? What does treatment entail? These questions are answered in the following article.

These celebrities have been treated in Germany

Whether it's Ronaldo, George Clooney or Cher, many public figures can be treated by German doctors.