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How Do You Treat Breast Cancer, Prof. Kümmel?

In the Essen-Mitte Clinics, more breast cancer patients are treated than in most German hospitals. An Interview with Prof. Dr. Kümmel, the Director of the Breast Centre.
Rehab Clinics for Breast Cancer

Rehab Clinics for Breast Cancer

Which are the best rehab clinics for breast cancer patients? Suitable clinics in Germany are listed here.

Clinics for Breast Cancer

Which German hospitals are the best for the treatment of breast cancer? 10 excellent specialist clinics for breast cancer are listed here, ranked by the number of treatment cases.
Encourager for breast cancer

Evelyn Kühne: “Breast cancer made me strong”

When Evelyn Kühne sits in the car after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she thinks: "If I just turn right now and drive into this pillar, everything will be over." Later, she finds her vocation thanks to the disease.

After Breast Cancer: Reconstruction of the Breast or Bra Inserts?

[Advertisement]: For many women, breast-conserving therapy is possible today. However, the breasts look uneven afterwards. You can choose between the surgical reconstruction of the breast and a special bra with inserts. [Advertisement]

Early detection of Breast Cancer with “discovering hands”

When blind people have a highly sensitive tactile sense, they are better at finding nodules in the breast than doctors. This gave the German gynecologist Dr. Frank Hoffmann an idea.