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Do Meat Eaters have a Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer, Dr. Maurer?

In Germany, the Martini Clinic Hamburg has the most experience with prostate cancer. Interview with the urologist PD Dr. Tobias Maurer, who works there.
Two surgeons work with the Da Vinci Robot

Medical Robot ‘Da Vinci’ in Practice

About 100 German clinics already work with the surgical robot da Vinci. The use of the robot offers many advantages for the patient. However, it is very expensive.

How to beat Prostate Cancer

How is prostate cancer treated in Germany? Here, the most important information about the diagnosis, the therapy and the costs are presented.
Clinic for foot surgery

Clinics for Foot Surgery

Which hospitals do not only treat German patients, but also patients from other countries? The best clinics for foot surgery are listed here.

Skin Cancer – A Consequence of Sunburn?

Diagnosis – Therapy – Medication – Costs. This article gives the most important information about the treatment of skin cancer in Germany.

Surgery Costs in different Countries

How much does heart bypass surgery cost in the USA? How expensive is Caesarean delivery in Switzerland? The costs for various operations in different countries are presented here.